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SY Country Gallery

Quiet Cigarette

Chengde Fury

Pride in the Job

On Shed

Fire Cleaning

Morning Glint

Sandaoling Dawn

Off To Work

On The Tip

Job Done

Hard At Work

Harder At Work!

Industrial Wasteland

Cold Sky

Nearly There

Afternoon Passenger

Before the Dawn

Struggling On

Across the Rooftops

Fuxin Sunrise

Tender First


Morning Action

Workstained SY

Benxi Twins

Next, Please...

Nanpiao Landscape

Happy Chappies

Left- Overs

On the Wall

Dawn at Chenghize

On The Job

Fuxin Morning

Morning Assembly

Out of the Hole

Out of School

In The Works

Fuxin Dawn

Front End

...And Back End

Cold Steam

Morning Hold-up

Playing Trains

Idle Moment

Bucket Shop

Urgent Departure

Mid-day Shunt

Cycle Crossing

Deflectored SY

Afternoon Shift