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SY Country 3

Steamy Sunrise

Into The Dawn

Moving Off

Backing Away

Transports of Delight

Awaiting Attention

Major Overhaul

Stripping Down

Freshly Painted

Red Banner

Almost Ready

Let Us Spray

Apples For Sale

Sunset Service

Last of the Sun

Misty Dawn

Into The Smog

Passenger Duty

On The Shunt

Hitching A Ride

End of the Day

Dawn Departure

Little Read Book

Hegang Roof-Scape

Deep Mine

Mid-day Rest

Sudden Start

Pride of the Line

Light Engine

Evening at Didao

All-Out Effort

Mid-Day Passenger

Evening Rest

After Dark

Country Working

Deflectored SY

High Deflectors

SY Broadside

Tipping The Slag

Warm Evening


Spare Engine

Full On

Lunch Break

Backing Out

Easing Back

Into The Daylight

Cold SY

Olympic SY

Raising The Echoes

Full forward Gear

Final Stretch

Morning Empties

Afternoon Empties

SY 1593

Almost There

Final Push

Smoke Ring

Running Light

Well Loaded

Sunny Afternoon