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SY Country 2011

Cold Dawn

Chickens for Sale


Misty Morning

Off To The Tip

Level Crossing

Maximum Effort

On the Tip

Wulong Mine

Cold Shunt

Autumn Leaves

Awaiting Work

Light Engine

Action at Sunset

Passing Through

Golden Sunset

Fuxin Sundown

School Run

Holy Trinity

Morning Crossing

Ready for Work

Short Cut

Coal Scavenging

Misty Sunrise

Raising Steam

Often Read

Pingzhuang Pairing

Into The Murk

Arriving for Work

Side Tippler

Cheerful Greeting

Coaling Up

Off to Work

Morning Adjustments

Long Drag

On Shed

Simmering Quietly

Quiet Sunday

Sunday Working

Momentary Distraction

Good Hand?

Shoe Shine Morning