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SY Country 2

Water Column

SY Duo

Running Shed

Shed Yard

Mountain View

Beware of Trains

Shunting the Furnaces

Backing Out

Water Stop

Ornate SY

Fuxin Clag

Winter Fuel

Morning Line-Up


On Shed

A Cinder Path Leads To The Shed ....

Dirty Work


Morning Climb

Into the Dawn

Cab Side Decoration

Smokey Departure

Morning Sunburst

Raising Steam

Weak Sun

Off to Work

Simmering Quietly

Between Turns

Looking for Scraps


Rusty SYs

Happy Couple

On the Level

Loading Up

Out of the Hole

Julainur Work-Horses

Off to the Pit

Mid-day Shunt

Jovial Crew

Non-Stop Action

Evening Activity

Evening Activity 2

Taking Water

Stubborn Nut

Quiet Evening

Attacking the Bank

Across the Tracks

Down the Alley

Presentable SY

Across the Rooftops

Morning at Chenghize

Brewing Up

Three's Company

Works Attention

Coal Load

Evening Passenger

Hegang Sunset

Scavenging for Coal