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South Africa Gallery

Mid-day at Fourisbourg

Last of the Sun

Rugged Hills

Evening Glint

Smoke to Order

Evening Smoke

Last Light

Out of the Dawn

Grain Silos

Morning Mist


Mixed Train

Evening Profile

Dawn Run

Morning Crossing

Mid-day Lay-Over

Down In The Valley

Mixed Consist

Evening Shadows

Under the Volcano

Level Crossing

Sandstone Morning

Fir Tree

Across The Lake


Under the Volcano (2)

End of the Day

Sandstone Sunset

All-Out Attack

Wayside Station

Owanty Curve

All-Out Effort


Grey Sky

Dawn Preparation

Over the Arches

Before Sunrise

Cold Start

Dawn at Creighton

Morning Mist

Deep In The Gorge

Down by the Riverside

Garratt Fury

A Sight To Impress

Watching the Train

GMAM Power

GF no.2380

Near Baynesfield

Works Shunt

Dead Tree