All images are copyright Ian Thompson or other named photographers

JS Country 2011

Out of the Hole

Clear Run Through

Warm Cab

Spoil Train

Workman's Special

Dawn Departure

Dawn Sunburst

Golden Dawn

Easing Away

Light Engine

Light Engine 2

Topped and Tailed

Steady Climb

Dirty Wind

Getting to Grips

Sunset Tip

Morning Glint

Rake of Empties

Boiler Washout

Heavy Overhaul


Coal Drag

Lunar Landscape

Storming Away

Clagging well

Volcanic Exhaust

Another Load

Golden Glow

Heavenly Mountains

Eye Catching

Mid-Day Climb

Track Maintenance

Across the Desert

Unsure Start

Well Under Control

Youthful driver

Man-Made Cliff

Solitary SY

Sundown Struggle

Last Light

Back for More

Sunset at Sandaoling