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Jitong Railway 2

Morning Preparation

Almost Ready

No Time For Rest

Full Head of Steam

QJ Manoeuvres

Reshui Cobbler

Wintry Landscape

Main Street

Out-bound from JingPeng

Thunder in the Hills

Frozen River

Distant 'Off'


JingPeng Prep

Well Under Control

Evening Shadows

Road Crossing

Race for the Summit

Maximum Effort

Westbound at Yamenmiao

Out of the Sun

Under The Mountain

Evening Shadows

Barren Landscape

Shadows Lengthen

Thunder In The Hills

End Of The Day

Racing Home

Bleak Day

Westbound at Chaganhada

Wind & Sun

Steady Progress

Sundown at Gulumanhan

Storming East

Daban Workhorse

Careworn QJ

Raking Out

Steam Crane

Morning Mist

Biligou Viaduct

Into The Light