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SY Country: A selection of images from steam railways in northern China.

SY Country 2: More of the above ...

SY Country 3: Yet more ....

Jitong Railway, Inner Mongolia: World famous, dramatic and spectacular, already legendary, impossible to describe without lapsing into cliche, the ‘Last Great Steam Show On The Planet’  succumbed to diesel haulage in 2005. Those lucky or determined enough to have witnessed this highly improbable spectacle in the 21st Century were privileged indeed.

Jitong Railway 2: More of the above...

JS Country: a new page of images added following a visit to north west China in November 2008. Almost 30 class JS locos were hard at work at Sandaoling. Also, a few pics of JS locos at work elsewhere.

JS Country 2: More images where the JS class locos predominate.

2010 Swansong 1: A selection of images taken in November 2010 in north-east China. Fuxin and Beipiao predominantly feature.

2010 Swansong 2: As above but featuring Huanan, Jixi and Pingzhuang.

JS Country 2011: Pictures taken at Sandaoling, North-West China 18th-22nd November 2011.

SY Country 2011: Pictures taken at Fuxin and Pingzhuang 25th-27th November 2011 with a few taken on an earlier short visit to Shibanxi 15th-17th November.

Narrow Gauge Interlude: A few narrow gauge pictures that don’t fit into any other gallery ...