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This gallery shows pictures from two very different railway systems; South Africa, in 2007 very much in decline, and Eritrea in 2006, very much in the ascendant .....

South Africa 2007: the ‘Three Provinces Tour’ organised by David Rodgers (‘Steam Loco Safaris’) was billed as the last attempt to return steam to its traditional territory for the benefit of photographers. Articles in the British national railway press have filled in the details. Suffice it to say that it was an interesting experience and that the photographic opportunities were superb.

Eritrea 2006: pictures were taken on a Railway Touring Company trip led by Hugh Ballantyne in November 2006.

One of the images in the Eritrea Gallery won the ‘Railways Illustrated’ 2006 photo competition in the ‘overseas steam’ section - see ‘Receiving Orders’.